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What Electric Kettle Is Good Guard Against Inferior Electric Kettle Brings Safety Danger?
- Apr 24, 2018 -

The electric kettle is one of the most common kitchen appliances in the home, but it is not a question everyone knows about how to choose a good electric kettle.Which is better? What electric kettle is good? Nowadays, there are many kinds of electric kettle products in the market and various brands, and many poor electric water bottles have high safety risks. It is very important to learn how to choose the electric kettle. The following is an introduction to the electric kettle.

Which material of the electric kettle is the best.

What kind of material is good for electric kettle? The appearance of the electric kettle is made of plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and glass.Because plastic electric kettle can produce poisonous substance at high temperature, and the reason that life is not long and grade is lower, it is difficult to see in the market at present. The most common to stainless steel kettles, and ceramic kettles and glass kettles are gradually favored, each with its own advantages:

Stainless steel electric kettle

Stainless steel material does not produce any poisonous and harmful substances, and the stainless steel shell is durable, beautiful and generous, especially for restaurants, hotels and other public places, which are popular with the public. But long time use will produce scale, pure stainless steel shell heat conduction is serious, water to boil, be careful when using the shell, no matter now looks coating can individual stainless steel electric kettle.

Ceramic electric kettle

Ceramic electric kettle class is high, general as to appreciate the arts and crafts, ceramic electric kettle, deserve to go up in the elegant tea set, tea and elegant and convenient, ceramic products non-toxic harmless, clean easily; The ceramic product itself is crispy, should be handled gently, do not blow, collision, otherwise it will damage the body, influence the beauty, or shorten the service life of the product. The price is relatively more expensive.

Glass electric kettle

Glass electric kettle gives a person the most intuitive feeling is transparent, in boiling water or cooking other things can see directly, transparent appearance is neat and generous. Glass products are resistant to high temperature, the material is relatively stable, in the firing of organic chemicals, the glass electric kettle is also called the health pot. In addition to boiling water, the glass electric kettle is used to make more tea, traditional Chinese medicine and other health food. Glass electric kettle is also fragile and low power.