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What About Stainless Steel Thermos Do Not Keep Warn?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The vacuum flask inside the vacuum flask is the inner tank, the cover is the insulated container, in life, it is one of the most common life supplies. As the name implies, insulation is the most basic function of the thermos. So, if it is not warm, what should we do?

Why doesn't the thermos keep warm?

1.The vacuum flask leaks.

Different thermos bottles are also different in the selection of materials, and some of the thermos are different in workmanship. If some of the thermos are on the inside of the bladder, there may be holes in the size of the pinhole, so that the heat transfer will be accelerated between the two sides of the glass wall, so the heat will be lost quickly. It is possible that some businessmen in order to benefit, shoddy sold to customers, so just buy the cup or can heat preservation, but over time, the tank rust react with sand to glass, the insulation effect will be poor. So, you must polish your eyes when choosing a cup!

2.The flask is not well sealed.

Vacuum flask is composed of stainless steel with vacuum layer made of a water container, it at the top cover, seal, vacuum insulation blanket can slow in internal water cooling, which have the effect of heat preservation. Once the seal is off, or the lid is not tight, the heat dissipates quickly.

What about stainless steel thermos do not keep warn?

Before use, use neutral detergent to clean the inside and outside of the cup. It is recommended to first add ice water or hot water for precooling or preheating. This will ensure the best heat preservation or cooling effect of the cup.

In use, the cup body deformation caused by the cup falling, collision or strong impact should be avoided, which will ultimately affect the product's efficacy. Avoid direct heating or high temperature, otherwise it will cause resin deformation, which will affect the use of products. Avoid liquids such as dry ice and carbonated drinks, which can produce high pressure, and do not add liquid containing salt, such as soy sauce and soup, to prevent the cup from being corroded.

Wash and dry thoroughly after use to prevent odors or stains.

Finally, it is suggested that if the thermos bottle can't be used, don't throw it away, because the best use of uninsulated cups is to carry tea, so people who have tea at home can try it.