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Vacuum Flask Life Common Sense
- Nov 14, 2017 -

1. When the inside of the thermos bottle is poured in half a bottle of boiling water, plug in the cork, why does the wooden race jump out?                             

Fill half a bottle of boiling water, inside still have small half bottle air, suffer heat, the volume will become much bigger, produce a lot of pressure to make the bottle stopper jump out.

2. Why is there not a lot of water in the thermos bottle, if the bottle is not leaking, after a period of time, the cork will be hard to pull out?                           

There's not much water in the bottle, so there's more air, and when you cool it, the volume is going to be much smaller, so the pressure inside is smaller than the pressure outside, and the cork will be hard to pull out

3. Soy milk should not be packed in a hot pot.

Don't store soy milk in a thermos bottle. Saponins of soya-bean milk, can take off the scale in the vacuum flask, soya-bean milk in a thermos, can make the bacteria in the bottle under the condition of temperature is appropriate, will soya-bean milk as a food and a large number of breeding, after 3 ~ 4 hours can make soybean milk rancidity deterioration.

4. Don't drink boiled water for more than three days.

Experts remind people that boiled water is not suitable for drinking after three days. Water storage for too long, will be infected by bacteria produce nitrite, nitrite once enter human body, can make the hypoxia, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, flustered, serious still can make the person lack of oxygen to death. Nitrite can also form nitrosamine in the human body, which can promote liver cancer, stomach cancer and so on. After the boiling water in the thermos is heated, the bacteria reproduce faster and the reduced nitrite is more.

5. The first glass of a barometric thermos is unfit for drinking.

Daily drinking water contains a certain amount of minerals and some chemical elements, which are not harmful to human health. However, the pressure type thermos can be harmful to the human body after irrigation. The first glass of water that is pressed out of the air pressure bottle is often dirty and not suitable for drinking. Especially for patients with "hyperthyroidism", "urinary tract infection", "prostatic hypertrophy" and long-term use of hormones and bedridden, it is easy to develop urinary calculi.