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The Power Of Electric Kettle Generally Has 6 Big Detail To Take You To Understand The Power Of Electric Kettle Power
- Dec 13, 2017 -

The electric kettle is divided into a wire-electric kettle and a radio kettle
Electric kettle products on the market, the brand is various, consumer is when the choose and buy, pay special attention to the power of electric kettle, pay special attention to use safety, electric kettle power is 1500 w, 2000 w and 1200 w, 1000 w and 800 w, power consumption per 1000 watts to burn an hour 1 KWH. According to the habit of use and actual need to buy. For example, 2-3 people can choose an electric kettle of about 1.2L and 1000 w; 4-5 people can choose an electric kettle of about 1.8L and 1800W.
The rated power of the electric kettle is generally larger, the capacity of the power plugs, sockets, power cord should choose appropriate, appropriate chooses 10 a general specification, if the power rating of more than 2200 w, should use more specifications of the socket, and these sockets should be used independently, in order to ensure safety.
Great detail to understand the power of electric kettle
1. Model
Electric kettle with ordinary electric kettle (no) temperature control device, automatic temperature control, electric kettle, automatic with pressure water supply device of electric kettle, after boiling water can be automatically cut off power supply, or automatically insulation) three.
2. Performance
Electric kettle is the electric appliance that takes water to work, should pay special attention to its electric appliance when buying, make sure not leak electricity phenomenon.
3. Look at the connector
The connection of power lead connector and spout should be reliable, elastic and suitable, and flexible.
4. Look at the interface
The heater and the body interface should be installed firmly, sealing well, no leakage. Use hand to gently move the heater, check whether the assembly is strong, should not have loose phenomenon.
5. Viewing device
When choosing an electric kettle with an automatic temperature control device or an insulated device, it should be noted that its temperature control is flexible and reliable.
6. Look at the switch
Fully automatic with pressure water supply device of choose and buy electric kettle, should check whether water supply lock switch button flexible, boiling water supply button shoulds not be too great pressure, cover, inner pot should, bladder, etc
Flexible and convenient sealing performance.
Good electric kettle is picked out, when buying the people still want to see more, especially the buyer of the wholesale, the product quality relation is important, the safety also is very important.