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The Electric Water Bottle Is Good Or Not Good
- Nov 30, 2017 -

The electric thermos water bottle adopts the steam intelligent induction control, overheat protection, the water boils automatic power off, the dry burning power, has the thermal insulation function of a kind of appliance.A kind of small home appliance that is widely used in the home and office and has the function of heat preservation.Electric thermos water bottle has the characteristics of convenient and fast, now has gradually entered the ordinary people home, becomes the kitchen small home appliances a member.The difference between electric thermos and electric kettle is that the electric thermos has dual function, which can both boil water and keep warm.There is no bright fire, fast heating speed, no difference between the body and gas heating, mainly electricity is cheaper than gas.
The advantages and disadvantages of electric water bottles
The advantage of electric water bottle
1. Quick heat. "Hot" is the most basic requirements of electric bottle, therefore the original heating coil being converted into a more generous fever chassis, more beautiful and practical, to solve the vulnerabilities of scale is difficult to clean; Second, it is more effective to heat up the heat, so it can take three to five minutes to boil half a litre of water to a boil, and regulate different temperatures.
2. Keep warm. The electric thermostat USES a high quality thermostat as the key component, this unique steam pipe temperature control temperature, through the boiling of the water vapor extrusion, ensure the water is fully boiled, and can be sterilized completely. This change has made the thermos water bottle no longer just a tool for boiling water, but also a tool for storing water.
3. Strong filtration. "Drinking water to be healthy" is the consensus of all people, so a few "safety net" filters in the kettle are necessary. At the bottom of the kettle, the water outlet and other key positions can be called "organs". Several heavy filters are installed to remove the scale and purify the water.
4. Full function. Simple water already cannot satisfy the needs of daily, looking suit type electric heating water bottles, in addition to the electric bottle, and the special utensils such as tea, the same boiling water, tea, coffee and so on, embody the love from beginning to end.
Disadvantages of electric water bottle
The electric water bottle repeatedly boiled water, the water heated continuously, forming "a thousand boiling water". The experiment shows that the chemical composition of "thousand boiling water" has changed greatly, which can produce harmful substances such as heavy metals. Long-term drinking can affect the human gastrointestinal function. , the thermal insulation material is stainless steel or aluminum shell, more if repeated heating, the iron, aluminium, ammonium and nitrite in the water content significantly increases, thus increased the concentration of harmful substances in the "thousand boiling water".