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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Boiling Water In Electric Kettle Are The Advantages Of Traditional Healthy Drinking.
- May 17, 2018 -

一.Can you boil water in an electric kettle? Those are the problems.

Use it to boil water than other appliances, especially the water cooler, more health, water dispenser there no matter how to wash it again or do not, and many people never washed, but best buy stainless steel electric kettle, now good basic adopts 304 stainless steel stainless steel electric kettle, no taste, electric kettle somewhat rubber plastic taste.

You might worry about electric kettle water power outage does not open, almost don't have to worry about this problem, if if demanding, can buy imported thermostat electric kettle, electric kettle coupler below (below) will have strix or otter English, that means is to import the thermostat, imported electric kettle thermostat power is accurate, after the test ten thousand times, guaranteed to be boiled water.

Actually power than the right, more concern should be outside electric kettle boil water appliance, such as water dispenser, can only burn to ninety degrees or so, once the water is not pure, hepatitis b and hepatitis a is not less than a baidu inactivated; The water of the open fire can only be judged by the eye whether it is boiling, must not, either did not boil, or it is boiling.

An electric kettle is sure to produce scale when it is used for a long time, but it can also be found in an open fire kettle. The water dispenser is not clean. So the electric kettle can only be washed a few more times, it's fine, it's very sanitary.

二.Return to tradition, use electric kettle to boil water to drink.

Returning to the tradition, using electric kettle to boil water, but people also faced a problem that did not solve, that is to burn what water to drink.

Traditional tap water naturally has many problems, and it is difficult to boil it directly. There are more than 2,000 pollutants in tap water. Since 1974 the United States in tap water discovered 97 kinds of carcinogens and suspected carcinogen, 82 kinds of mutagenic material and suspicious mutagenic material, 28 kinds of acute and chronic toxic pollutants, and 23 species of tumor, the remaining 90% of the organic matter is unable to determine. The "secondary water pollution" of high-rise buildings is also serious. The difference between hard water and soft water is >>.

Due to not to clean water tank reservoir, anticorrosive coatings is unqualified, drain pipe or directly connected to the sewer overflow pipe, rainwater flow backward or valve failure reason, cause from the water has been treated tap water to the high-rise residential buildings suffered pollution of water tank and then again. Water plants use chlorine to kill bacteria, and residual chlorine has become the evil cause of chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, water boiling cannot "kill" heavy metals, arsenide, cyanide, nitrite, organic pollutants such as pesticides, pesticides, synthetic detergents and other harmful substances. Boiling water can kill some of the bacteria and viruses that are not resistant to heat, but the bodies of bacteria and viruses remain in the water and become "heat sources", producing "unknown heat". When the tap water is cooked at a high temperature, it produces "trichloromethane". "Trichloromethane" is a "genetic poison" that is a standard carcinogen and can lead to cancer as long as it is small.

In the process of boiling water, the formation of "trichloromethane" rapidly accelerated. And there's too much water lost. Obviously, it is not ideal to use tap water as a source of water for drinking.

Besides, it is not ideal to drink water in a barrel. The qualified bottled water is only safe water with no pollutants and toxic and harmful substances. There are no weak alkaline, small molecular groups, negative potential, mineral trace elements and other healthy water properties. With the development of social economy, people's healthy drinking water is not suitable for the new idea. And the fake "black heart water" flooding the market can not be consumed.

To sum up, it can be seen clearly that drinking water from an electric kettle is very helpful to the health of the human body.

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