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How To Choose Vacuum Thermos Bottle
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Thevacuum is currently on the market there are many varieties of insulation bottle, the price difference is also great, on the part of consumers do not understand the reason, often spent a lot of money to buy a good vacuum bottle, now let me tell you: buy a vacuum flask before, should pay attention to:

(1) look at the labels or the instructions first

Regular manufacturers will have to write the product model, name, volume, material, production address, manufacturers, standard number, after sale, the use of methods and so on. If these are not, then there will be a problem

(2) identify by appearance

A look at the inner bladder and outer bile surface polished evenly, whether there is bumps and scratches or burrs;

Two see whether the mouth welds are smooth and consistent, which is related to the feeling of comfort when drinking water;

Three see the internal sealing plug is tight, and the cup match;

Four, look at the bottle mouth, the more round the better, immature process will appear non circle

(3) tightness test:

First, twist the bottle cap to see if the cap fits perfectly with the cup, then add water (preferably boiling water) to the bottle, then invert the bottle for two to three minutes to see if there is any water seeping

(4) insulation test:

Because the vacuum flask is used in vacuum insulation technology, because the vacuum case can do prevent the heat transfer to the outside, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. So to detect insulation effect just 100 degrees of boiling water into the cup, in two or three minutes, each touch position, look hot, if any parts of fever, the temperature will be lost from the place. Like the bottle place will have a slight fever is a normal situation.

(5) identification of plastic parts:

Vacuum thermos bottle should use plastic are food grade, the smell of plastic small, bright surface, no burr, long service life, not easy to aging. While the characteristics of ordinary plastic or plastic recycling is the smell, gray color, burr, plastic aging easily broken, a long time will not only stink. The vacuum bottle will shorten the life span of our health threat.

(6) capacity measurement:

Because the vacuum bottle is double, so the actual capacity of the pot and we see there will be some discrepancy. Look at the depth and the height of the outer liner is little difference (usually 18-22mm), many small factories in order to reduce costs, often to the material that may affect the capacity.

(7) recognition of stainless steel:

Many kinds of stainless steel materials, which 18/8 said the stainless steel material containing 18% chromium, 8% nickel, reached the standard materials, in line with the national food standards is green products, products of rust, corrosion resistant stainless steel material. The general color is pale or dark, if the brine concentration in 1% will produce rust after 24 hours, which contains some elements exceed the standard, direct harm to human health.

Consumers in the purchase of vacuum flask do not just look at the appearance or name, but also look carefully at the instructions indicate whether for double insulation or vacuum insulation, now many vacuum bottle products are fashionable and elegant appearance, is actually a double insulation without vacuum, Yang Home Furnishing to remind consumers not to make a small mistake, must see box instructions and instructions.