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History Of Development
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Archaeologists have found a double-deck vessel in the ruins of Pompeii. This container may be the predecessor of the Thermos flask, but the world's first real thermos bottle is actually called "Dewar."

1643, the Italian people entrusted with the creation of mercury pressure gauges after a well-known vacuum theory, this theory of the emergence of Thermos flask is of great significance. But in the next two and a half century, but did not invent the real thermos bottle.

1879, the German physicist Dewar, because of the storage of liquefied gases in the laboratory, listened to Professor Huo Lide's suggestion, using two layers of thin glass in the middle of vacuum containers, 1881 he wrote the paper "Wainhorid bottle."

1890, the British chemist Shield Mes Juar improved the Wainhorid bottle, coated on the wall of a layer of silver, which reduces heat radiation, slowing the loss of heat through the glass, so Giuar bottle was born.

The inventor of our modern thermos flask, Sir James Duvar, is a British scientist, mainly studying the very low temperature of the liquid. In 1892, the Dewar was invited to the British Institute of Science to "liquefied gas" courses. In order to make the teaching better, before going on he let a carpenter named Berger made a glass of a double-layer glass container, with mercury coated with two layers of gall walls, so that the heat transfer greatly reduced. Then he smoked the air between the two layers, so the vacuum bottle appeared, this vacuum bottle is the world's earliest thermos flask, this thermos flask is called "Dewar Bottle". At the Institute of London, the earliest Dewar vacuum is preserved. Dewar did not attach importance to the invention of vacuum bottles, but to extract the theory of air attaches great importance to this theory applied for patents. 1902, the Germans Berger saw a vacuum flask of the vast potential market, and began to sell thermos flask. Two years later, and in their own name to win the Thermos of patents. He found that the jar was easily fractured, and used nickel to make the casing to protect the refills. Initially, thermos bottles are mainly used in laboratories, hospitals and expeditions, and then gradually into daily life.

1904, the Berlin blowing glassware workers Bourgaie after research, to a long-alpha bottle Add the heat sheath, so in the market can store hot coffee or black tea containers, from a variety of thermos bottles are coming out. People found that the warmth of Thermos plug is the worst part of the bottle, later people used swelling rubber, plastic plug replaces the cork, enhanced the insulation effect.

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