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Contrast Between Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask And Aluminum Kettle Technology And Materials
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Aluminum kettles and stainless steel thermos are the main outdoor water supplies. The difference between these two kinds of kettles is mainly in process and materials, so we will compare these two kinds of water bottles.

Usually, the high quality aluminum water bottle is formed by a pure aluminum (99.5%) stamping, without any welding process, so that the entire bottle has no gap, even if it is dented, it will not break.

The best type of stainless steel for diet is 18-8 and 304. Most stainless steel bottles are welded from two to three pieces of metal, which are the weakest parts of the water bottle and are prone to rust or corrosion.

The cheap, low-quality water bottle, the material itself is very worrying, and is produced in a very polluted environment, its sanitary conditions and quality safety, is not discussed here.Many scientists have found that aluminum damages the brain, heart, liver, kidney and immune function of the human body.In 1989, the world health organization officially designated aluminum as a food contaminant, suggesting that adults should be allowed 60mg of aluminium per day. Therefore, when the aluminum pot exits the market, the aluminum kettle must be added to the inner coating to isolate the metal and the harmful substances, and the health safety of the inner coating is the key to the problem.Some use inferior bottle made of aluminum, plus contain bisphenol A toxic component coating, and was harmful material release, add to the aluminum bottle, cause people after A fear of plastic bottles and bottles, and the phenomenon of aluminum bottle.

So far, haven't put forward scientific stainless steel is a harm to human body, but still cannot treat STH lightly, one is stainless steel in addition to iron, also contains a variety of other elements, the impurities of stainless steel and forging directly affect the safety to human body;2 it is the rule of discovery and invention in the history of science, make the research results have been overturned - science has proved that the stainless steel reaction with water release more apparent, just haven't found the human body harmful substances, rather than not.Stainless steel main component is iron, a content of the human body essential trace elements, is an important part of hemoglobin, using stainless steel water bottle, drinking water is beneficial to the human body to absorb iron, iron inhalation, but potentially harmful effect can cause the iron in the body, the body too much iron storage and a variety of diseases such as heart and liver disease, diabetes, certain tumors.

From the point of the content above, these two kettle seems to have no security, but can't use the material such as glass, ceramics in the outdoor with relatively stable water, so as far as possible within the scope of their economic ability to bear, choose safe kettle.