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A Brief Introduction Of The Fast Electric Kettle
- May 16, 2018 -

Overview of fast electric kettle

The faster the pace of modern life, the more emphasis on water.The international trend of "simplicity" has been fully developed, and people's drinking water has become "contracted".In addition to office buildings and individual households consuming pure water or distilled water from drinking water machines, the vast majority of households are still drinking tap water.Earlier and fast electric kettle, popular in Europe and the United States developed countries because of its time saving, energy saving, beautiful, convenient and safe characteristics, in after entering the market, first of all get the favour of high-income households, then gradually affect the pursuit of fashion and life rhythm fast consumer group, is set to become a significant sales hot.

Product development

The small home appliance counter of each big department store, can discover the product of Lin Lin total, price is between 200 yuan and 400 yuan electric kettle is the most competitive power.In terms of function, each product all has the basic function such as steam power automatic and transparent draft, some products also designed with multiple safety protection devices, such as power prevent dry heating power, fusing, and equipped with separable design such as filter, separate power supply base.For the big cities of the old city tap water quality improvement of the status quo, related professionals think, can consider to add impurities, in addition to chlorine, automatic magnetization, and other functions, can use electric kettle drinking to after many tap water purification treatment.

Bubble coffee, tea, instant noodles, drinking fresh boiled water, these are modern young people's habits. The fast electric kettle is the word fast, which can provide boiling water in the shortest time, which is in tune with the rhythm of modern life.


The rapid electric kettle has experienced a major upgrade, compared with the first generation of products, their most important update is the use of a hidden heat pipe.In the past, hot water kettles were used to heat pipes, which were neither safe nor beautiful. Today's hidden hot plate, made of stainless steel, is not only safe, but also convenient and clean.Because of the high cost and new technical content, the price of the second generation fast electric kettle is generally more expensive than the first generation, thus leading to the concept of thermal type. Also known as thermal electric kettle.

The characteristics of a fast electric kettle.

short wire

Electric kettle is a product with high power, if the power cord is too long, it will not be safe.The power cord length of normal manufacturer is strictly designed according to national standards.Due to the consumer safety concerns, regular manufacturers will not easily follow the convenience of consumers and unlimited extension of the power cord, so as to avoid the danger to consumers.Of course, too short is bad. Therefore, the power line is not necessarily to save costs.

Some fast electric kettles have fragrance.

Scented electric kettle is in a sealed silicone added aromatic substances, so after open the lid will smell a smell, a fragrance surface feel good, but the fact is adverse to human body health, so have the electric kettle is only a few brands of fragrance surface entice consumers to buy. A good kettle should be tasteless, including plastic. The plastic part of the water must be food-grade plastic, and food-grade plastic is tasteless.

The fast electric kettle is noisy

A quick electric kettle draws water from a submersible pump, with a small amount of noise. Because of a small amount of water, noise is smaller than traditional hot water kettles.

The noise is caused by the fact that there is a lot of scale in the kettle, which produces a lot of bubbles when heated, and the bubbles pop up during the ascent. This phenomenon is not only a product problem, it is a reminder that we should clean and remove the scale. Consumers can eliminate the phenomenon by cleaning and descaling according to the instructions.